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Completing the level 2 accreditation application

Please bear in mind the following points in completing this application form:
  • There are five modules to this application. All applicants must complete Module A. Applicants need only complete Modules B to E where relevant.
  • WES seek a mixture of factual and more descriptive information about the landholding and how it is managed. Every attempt should be made to provide complete information. The more detail provided either in the application form, or submitted in support of the application form, the more streamlined and efficient the assessment (including site visit) will be.
  • There is no single model or ideal response to the questions. Each application will be assessed in its own context. WES recognises that there is no one-size-fits-all model.
  • The application form has been designed to cover a wide range of landholding circumstances and activities. Some questions will not apply to every situation – please indicate ‘Not Applicable’ or ‘N/A’ where this is the case. Such responses will not affect the outcome of the assessment.
  • Equally, although specific response prompts and spaces have been provided for many questions, there may be cases where you may wish to provide us with more information. We welcome any additional background you wish to provide to us.
  • For tables into which more than one entry is required, a ‘+’, which appears at the right- hand side of the row, can be clicked in order to propagate a new row.

Submission instructions

We recommend that you save the application form on your own computer, within the provided folder. When you are ready to submit the application (including the supporting documents), please contact Caroline Pringle at caroline.pringle@wildlife-estates.co.uk or on 07436 562 227 to discuss arrangements. Accreditation costs £200 + VAT annually and will be charged following a successful assessment. If accreditation is gained within the first year following Level 1 membership, the cost of membership (£50 + VAT) will be deducted.

Confidentiality and data protection

Any personal information provided in the WES application form will be treated as confidential between the Applicant and Wildlife Estates Scotland (‘WES’), except where disclosure is made at your request or with your consent or where we are required by law to disclose. Information gathered in this application form will be used for the purposes of assessing your application for accreditation. With the exception of personal information, it may also be used and published as part of wider data sets generated by WES to demonstrate the role of landholdings in contributing to the Scottish rural economy, local communities, biodiversity and national outcomes. Such reporting will include only generic regional area identification.

No personal information will be disclosed to third parties with the exception of independent assessors Acoura.

If you wish to check or amend the data held, you can contact WES by e-mail via caroline.pringle@wildlife-estates.co.uk or by contacting Caroline Pringle at Scottish Land & Estates, tel. 0131 653 5400.


Why you should consider connecting your HAMS.online account to the accredition form?

HAMS.online has been built around the fundaments of adaptive wildlife management just as Wildlife Estates Scheme. If you want to know more click here and

The benefits of using HAMS as an estate:

Module A and C requires you to have accurate information on list of species, quarries, population information including changes over time. These information has to be recorded and stored regularly, also, you have to analyse the information. This is what HAMS is designed for and above this, as an estate you will get many more useful features when it comes to habitat, land and wildlife management.

By having a HAMS account, populated with data, fulfilling the requirements of Wildlife Estate Scheme is quite easy. Also, HAMS is integrated into our accreditation form therefore some of the most time consuming data can be filled automaticly by connecting your HAMS account.

HAMS.online is the world's fastest growing habitat and wildlife management system. Also, HAMS is a community of dedicated, responsible land owners and game managers. HAMS is the community you definitely want to be a member of.

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